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HOAM is a messaging, communication, and operational efficiency platform that helps property management companies and HOAs build stronger, happier, informed, and connected communities.
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"We are excited about the launch of HOAM. This app allows my team and me to better communicate with homeowners in real-time, and the pool reservation feature has been key to managing large groups of people during the ever-changing public health regulations."
Kyle Maring - Westwind Management Group, LLC
Kyle Maring, CMCA®
Westwind Management Group, LLC
HOAM Command Center - Web App

Efficiently communicate with your community from one place

HOAM makes it easy for homeowner association management to communicate with residents through messaging, event postings, and alerts.

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Everything important about your neighborhood

As a resident, HOAM highlights the important information for you, not the gossip. Stay informed and safe.

NEW — Use HOAM Reservations to allow guests to reserve time at your community amenities, including the local pool.

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Frequently Asked Questions (for homeowners)

Is your HOA community using HOAM?
Do you have questions? Do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Is HOAM my management company?
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No, HOAM is the third-party communication platform selected by your HOA or management company in order to provide convenient access to important information regarding your community.

How do I download HOAM?
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HOAM is available for download on iOS (Apple iPhone) and Android (Google) devices. Please note when downloading: you will be asked to input a 5 letter code to ensure you connect with the correct community, please reach out to your HOA or management company for the code specific to your community.

Who do I contact for billing issues and account updates?
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If you need to update your mailing address, have questions on your statement or about your bill, please contact your management company. You can connect with them directly from your HOAM app, under the main menu tab from the home page of the app.

How do I turn on/off notifications?
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You can turn off notifications and messaging within the HOAM app from the settings in your mobile phone. Before deciding to turn off notifications, please consider that only pertinent and necessary messages & notifications are sent through the app, and it’s important for you to know this information.

How can I get in contact with someone at HOAM?
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You can contact via email at Typical response time is within the same day but can vary based on actual demand

I am having an issue in my community. Who should I contact?
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HOAM is the third-party communication/payment platform selected by your HOA or Management Company. If you are experiencing issues with a neighbor, have questions about rules, amenities, etc., you can open up your HOAM app and connect with your community manager/board members directly through the Directory.

Do all app users have access to my contact information in the directory? 
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No. You may opt in or opt out of the public directory in the app. Opting out of the public view will not remove access to contact information by Board members or your management company, but will prevent all other app users from being able to message/communicate directly with you or having your actual contact information.