August 25, 2020

How to boost meeting attendance for your HOA community.

Post by
Garin Gustafson

The lack of information or misinformation is one of the single greatest frustrations for home owners. With standard board meetings typically held monthly, participation numbers are commonly low and in some cases, only board members are present. This can increase the liability for the HOA board and property management company as residents may complain about policy changes and updates that fall into one of three buckets: 1- not informed 2- misinformed 3- informed too late.

HOAM's custom mobile app for property managers and HOAs ensures your stakeholders are promptly and properly informed. Simply put, HOAM helps increase communication which drives greater attendance for monthly meetings resulting in a better informed community while decreasing liability.

Overall increase in communication --> driving greater attendance at monthly meetings = better informed community & decreased liability

While there are many things you can do to increase attendance for your board meetings, such as raffle offers, social events, etc. communicating the following will have the biggest impact for participation:

Give proper notice for the upcoming meeting with specifics on when and where

With HOAM you can use the app's media page to display all the details of the meeting including where and when. Specifically start and end times. This can be shared on both the media page either as an image or as a video announcement. Secondly, this meeting can be listed on the activity/event calendar.

Share agenda and key voting items

Not always, but sometimes major decisions are going to be voted on that can have huge impact for your community residents and their families. Sharing a copy of the agenda including key decisions that need to be voted on can increase attendance and overall participation. With HOAM, this can be shared on the media page or linked to directly from the meeting notice in the activity/event calendar.

Provide reminders 2-24 hours in advance of start time.

HOAM's push notifications make sending reminders easy and effective. Given these meetings are held usually once per month, they can easily be forgotten. Push notifications can be sent out at the last minute to remind residents on meeting start time and location where as a emails may not be acknowledged or read in time.

Check out the video below for a closer look on how to create the various types of custom messaging: 

While increasing attendance may always be a challenge, as community leaders do more to improve communication and transparency, homeowner participation will increase and improve as they begin to feel informed and encouraged to be involved.

What is your HOA community using to improve communication for residents? Ask about HOAM's 60 day free trial period.