June 29, 2020

How HOAM can improve homeowner communication

Post by
Garin Gustafson

HOAs can now effectively and efficiently communicate and message HOA members.  While the Nextdoor app allows community residents to share across all topics, HOAM allows Homeowner associations to provide community residents, their family members, and board members with the important information they need to know.  Check out some of the mobile apps key features and content below. Does your community have an app like this? 

Does your HOA community have an app?

1. Notify HOA members about community events or special offers. 

The HOAM mobile app allows HOAs to inform members of upcoming community events or special offers. From ice cream socials to gatherings at the pool, HOAs can expect better turnouts and participation from members without having to rely strictly on email and website communication.

Help residents connect via community event calendars

2. Administrative functions at your fingertips

Before your HOA members start any home improvements, help them get approval by the design review committee (DRC) first. Whether it be a fence repair or paint project, the architectural request form will ensure HOA members take the correct first step. This can limit the number of emails and streamline the overall process. 

3. Real-time relevant news and updates delivered timely. 

So often homeowners claim they were not aware of decisions made at a recent board meeting let alone knowing there was an actual board meeting. This can cause tension among homeowners and the board members putting them in conflict with one another. A risk and liability that doesn’t make for happy HOA members. With the news and updates page, HOAM will ensure HOA board decisions are well communicated to members as often as necessary. Administrators can’t always wait for the monthly newsletter or have their webmaster update the website to keep HOA members informed. 

Never miss an update with HOAM's push notifications

4. Push messaging for urgent updates and emergency alerts. 

Administrators of HOAM can access the command center and push out notifications to inform all HOA members of anything urgent. From gas leaks to severe weather conditions, members will be notified immediately without even having to open the app. Authentic app notifications are not spam filtered as can happen with many types of text alerts.  

5. Customized for your community. 

Unlike most apps available in the APP store, HOAM will take on your HOA’s actual look and feel. A fully customizable app in regards to both the content and aesthetics. HOAM developers promise to maintain and update the app accordingly as features suggestions evolve across the entire network. 

6. Manage crowds and social distancing

HOAM now allows your residents to make reservations for pool time and other social areas where capacity needs to be better managed. Your administration will be able to verify who, how many and for when with HOAM's new reservation feature. Both residents and HOA staff will receive a receipt for the time block reserved.