June 30, 2020

Learn how Property Management Companies and HOAs are benefiting from the HOAM app

Post by
Garin Gustafson

Hear about the all new HOAM app from CEO and co-founder Freddie Peyerl as he explains the primary benefits of this new messaging and communication platform for Homeowner associations. 

What problem does the HOAM app solve? 

As a long time HOA member and now board member for our local Highlands HOA here in Centennial, CO, I realized our email communication wasn’t sufficient nor optimal. A home is one of the biggest investments we’ll make in our lifetime and having an app that provides real-time and relevant updates about our association and community is extremely important. 

Who are the developers of the HOAM app? 

Our company Alpine Media Technology which built a messaging and communication platform for ski resorts initially is now able to leverage and adapt its system for various verticals including schools, churches, and senior care communities. As a top 20, power ranked tech company built here in Colorado, we’ve tried to identify where messaging and communication is lagging behind. 

What are some of the key features of the HOAM app?  

While there are quite a few features and growing I would say the key features are: Community event listings, DCR form fills, and emergency updates. 

What problems surrounding Covid-19 does this app aim to solve? 

The HOAM app is push message capable so any urgent update or policy change can be quickly posted to the app. And for new rules specific to social distancing, our app has a reservation feature where HOA members can make a reservation at their local pool or common area. 

What is the pricing structure for the HOAM app? Will my HOA fee’s go up?

The HOAM App is available to property management companies as a monthly subscription with no limits on the number of residents or family members that can be added. We offer a range of options designed to meet the budgets of every HOA including a ‘free forever’ option. While other apps are being used, our ability to develop, maintain and deliver across an entire network while still maintaining customized features and needs is both affordable and sensible. What would easily cost them an equivalent price for just several hours of IT per month, we are able to dedicate full-time resources to this app, evolving and adapting to the growing needs of the industry.

About HOAM
HOAM is a premiere mobile messaging and communication platform for Homeowner associations. HOAM delivers real-time information and updates enhancing the way HOA residents and board members are informed about relevant, community news. Thus improving overall communication, resident engagement, and operational efficiency. HOAM’s push messaging capabilities ensure targeted recipients are notified properly and promptly.. HOAM is cross-platform accessible, available for mobile (iOS and Android), desktop, and digital signage displays. HOAM helps optimize your communication strategy, leading to increased satisfaction for community residents and board members.  To learn more, visit HOAM.tech