July 27, 2020

Property Management Software - The Power of Push Messaging

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Garin Gustafson

Getting the right message out at the right time is critical for property management groups as they aim to improve communication with homeowners. While emails and websites are important pieces of the puzzle, a mobile app should be the cornerstone of your overall communication strategy and here's why.

Top 5 ways property management companies and HOA's are utilizing mobile app push messaging: 

1. Reminders for community events: 

Homeowners are becoming more confined to their homes and communities as the daily commuting footprint continues to shrink. Community events are for many residents, great outlets for social interaction and recreation and one of the most common ways community residents get to know their neighbors. With push messaging, you can easily remind HOAM users just hours and minutes before start times.

2. Weather & repairs:

For many communities, weather and construction related news is not only relevant but quite common. From street repairs, power and cable line maintenance, to a rare tornado or hail storm, keep your residents informed in real-time to reduce risk. Don't rely on just emails for urgent news and updates.

3. Key policy changes and board decisions: 

For many of us, a home is the single biggest investment we'll make in our lifetime. Often, new board decisions and policy changes are not always well communicated beyond the principal property managers and HOA board members. In many cases, emails get filtered or accidentally deleted.

As a new home owner, Robert Beyerle, resident of Sea Island HOA in New Port Beach, CA, states the single most frustrating thing since becoming a resident is "poor communication resulting from operational inefficiency."

4. Pool & amenity closures

With unexpected maintenance from time to time across the various types of amenities, you can inform your community residents promptly and properly with HOAM's push notifications. Let pool guests know if lightning is nearby and the pool needs to close temporarily.

5. Covid-19 news and updates:

As news and updates break daily across states, cities all the way down to the community level, property management companies and homeowner associations are forced to communicate to homeowners and community residents, better than ever.

See the video below for a closer look on how to create custom messaging.

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