October 13, 2020

The HOAM mobile app releases timely Reservation System for HOA communities

Post by
Garin Gustafson

Property managers and HOA staff continue to deal with the ever changing Covid-19 climate requiring them to better manage and provide safety guidelines for their community residents and homeowners. As the commuter footprint shrinks due to restrictions placed on schools, gyms, work places and recreation areas, community amenities are high demand. High demand which has placed an unplanned stress on both infrastructure, resources and available space.

To address this problem, the developers of HOAM, a resident engagement and communication platform for HOAs and property management, companies, has released a new reservation system. While the reservation feature was released at the onset of Summer to support the high demand for community pools, the reservation system is now available for various spaces and places where community residents gather in groups sizes of 10 more. From pool clubs, gyms, lounges and barbecue areas, HOAM's reservation feature is available for any site requiring capacity management and monitoring.

See below for a closer look into HOAM's command center and just how easy the set up process is for property managers: 

As you can see, the process from a management perspective is simple and intuitive just as it is for the user side. App users can quickly access site listings, select times blocks, enter guest totals and receive confirmation. Notifications will be sent for any changes or updates and reminders can be sent easily as well. Both the staff and users will have the ability to verify upon entry.

I think it's safe to say, the need to manage and monitor capacity for social areas will continue to be a ongoing concern as safety for community residents remains paramount.

"We're really excited about this feature," said Freddie Peyerl, the CEO and founder of Alpine Media Technology, the development company for HOAM. "While it's just one of the many great features HOAM has to offer, it's definitely a feature that helps set us apart from many of the competing platforms."

While HOAM is new the property management software space, it's cross platform versatility coupled with it's affordable cost and comprehensive feature set makes it a top ranked solution for HOA and property management companies looking for an upgrade to their current solution or adding one for the first time.

The Westwind Management Group, one of HOAM's first client's is already referring to HOAM as a "game changer" app according to Kyle Maring, business manager for the Westwind management Group. West Wind oversees the management of nearly 80 properties across the country.

Kyle Maring testimonial for the HOAM 

Below you can see a list of all the many great features HOAM has to offer as they relate to both the resident side and the management side.

Residents & Families

  • View Upcoming activities and events
  • Reserve times at pool and other amenities
  • Receive emergency alerts & updates
  • Share feedback through resident surveys
  • Submit request forms

Association Board & Staff

  • Engage residents through events and activities
  • Increase communication and capture feedback
  • Reach residents through real-time messages
  • Improve efficiency — reduce calls and emails
  • Share media and exclusive resident offers
  • Collect resident requests in one place

What is your HOA community using to communicate with you? We'd love to support your community. Simply help connect us with your CMCA or HOA staff member. Email us at: team@hoam.tech