September 23, 2020

Submit form requests with HOAM, a new and improved mobile feature for homeowners and property managers

Post by
Garin Gustafson

Property management companies are aware of the significant amount of time and energy that can be consumed through the various request types made by community residents and homeowners. Even through clear processes and procedures, forms can still get lost in the shuffle. From incomplete forms, lost forms, back and forth emails on clarification, pending approvals, etc.; room for improvement is welcomed. 

With HOAM, a mobile app for property management companies and HOAs, the HOA and or management company can send HOAM any type of form needed and they’ll take care of everything from creating a clickable e-form to setting up the email/notification processes to ensure all the interested parties receive the submission(s) and the decision(s). 

Community residents, once inside the app, can easily:

  • View and search and among available forms
  • Select and fill out their desired request form
  • Submit their request form directly and promptly to the relevant staff person. 
  • Receive a copy for their records

“Depending on the community or HOA you manage, form submission and review can be extremely demanding, said Highlands HOA board member Freddie Peyerl. “We experience so many requests on a monthly basis and unfortunately the process can get bottlenecked from time to time.”

Most forms today exist as a PDF or Word doc and property managers are forced to juggle hundreds of different form types.  With HOAM’s ability to easily convert an array of form types and make them app friendly and accessible, operation efficiency has significantly improved for both parties. 

Below are some of the form request types commonly used by users of HOAM:

  • Architectural Review 
  • Paint Request
  • Work order requests
  • Oversized vehicle parking request

What are some additional request forms your community provides or would like to provide?

“We’ve enjoyed the collaboration process with our partners as we aim to develop features that make their work easier and keep their residents happy,” explained the CRO of Alpine Media Technology, the development company that created HOAM and other mobile communication platforms for various other verticals. “While it’s just one of the many great features HOAM offers, it’s a key one that really improves the overall process for both the homeowners and the respective property management staff.