July 13, 2020

The best property management software for your HOA community

Post by
Garin Gustafson

No doubt about it, there are many great software options available for property management companies. The list is actually quite lengthy. And while they are all quite similar in terms of key features from paying your HOA bill to submitting applications to the architecture review committee (ARC), few have the following attributes that the new HOAM app has. See the Top 5 reasons you should be using HOAM for your HOA community: 

1. Cross Platform accessibility

HOAM is available for mobile iOS or Android, desktop or tablet and can transmit to digital signage displays or in-room TVs. Thus, community residents are always well informed no matter where they may be and no matter what type of device they have access to or prefer. Apartment and condo residences can run HOAM's content across TVs displayed in common areas such as lounges, business centers or lobby areas. For large property management companies, the HOAM property management software adapts well for the various types of residences. From town homes, condos, high rise apartments to residential communities, HOAM is great for them all.

2. Reservation booking feature

With HOAM you can now allow residents to reserve time for pools and or other community amenities. No need for a separate software tool as HOAM allows your residents to easily reserve available time blocks and select how many guests. With Covid-19 capacity concerns and restrictions, property managers can now better manage large groups for their various types of common areas typically available to 10 or more people and support contact tracing if needed.

3. Activity and Event calendars

The word Home is taking on a whole new meaning amid the Covid-19 era. From home offices, to home schools and home gyms, Home is truly where you hang your hat and then some. With the activity and events options and footprint becoming more limited, the HOAM property management software app helps your residents stay engaged within their community. Neighbors are already connecting more than ever before and HOAM will ensure they are kept apprised of up coming events and the applicable Covid-19 guidelines.

4. Architectural review forms

Home improvements are at an all time high these days along with DIY projects. For architectural review, residents can now easily submit applications to the ARC with a click of a button. This helps streamline the process and improves overall efficiency for your HOA and property managers.

5. Increase transparency and reduce liability

With HOAM's push messaging capabilities, residents are always well informed with real-time and relevant updates. Property managers and HOA directors can ensure updates and notifications are sent out promptly and effectively as emails can be filtered and or delayed. Property managers can post video or text announcements, urgent or basic updates and news. For many of your residents, their home is the biggest investment they'll ever make involving their loved ones and close friends, ensuring they are well informed and have access to what's relevant and timely is a great way for property management companies to reduce their liability and keep their residents happy.

Here's what one client said recently about HOAM

"We are excited about the launch of HOAM. This app allows my team and me to better communicate with homeowners in real time and the pool reservation feature has been key to managing large groups of people during the ever changing public health regulations." Kyle Maring, CMCA® @ Westwind Management Group, LLC

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