July 23, 2020

The New “Game Changer” app for Property management companies and HOAs.

Post by
Garin Gustafson

Hear what they’re saying about HOAM and what makes this new app a game changer.

Testimonial from Kyle Maring with Westwind Management Group

While they may be new to the property management industry, Alpine Media Technology (AMT) is well versed in communication software for cross platform devices including mobile, tablet, desktop, and digital signage. 

After first breaking through the ski resort industry with the world’s first and only digital signage platform for chairlifts and gondolas, AMT continues to expand its digital communication offering to other industries, particularly those looking to bolster their customer communication resources amid the ever changing Covid-19 era where communication is now more important than ever before. 

Freddie Peyerl, CEO of Alpine Media Technology, is also a board member of his Highlands at Piney Creek HOA in Centennial, CO. With the volume and frequency of updates and news due to Covid-19 policy changes it was clear his community residents needed a better way to stay updated and informed. 

“Our board felt we needed an app to keep up and manage the overwhelming amount of communication. Emails can be filtered and websites are just not efficient for urgent updates,” explained Peyerl. 

Within just a couple of weeks, Peyerl and his development team, the same team that put their company on the Top 20 power ranked chart for Colorado startups, quickly released version one of an app they call HOAM. HOAM includes all the following features:

  • Events & Activity calendars
  • Architectural review forms
  • Push notifications
  • Media Page
  • Alert Messaging
  • Weather & site map

Push notifications and the media page helped primarily with pushing out critical and urgent updates surrounding Covid-19. Architectural review form submission became key with the increase in home improvements and landscape projects. But, an additional feature would soon be needed to help manage social distancing for community amenities, especially as community swimming pools were hoping to open for the Summer. 

“It became pretty clear that HOAs would need to manage social distancing and capacity levels  if they were going to open their pools,” stated Peyerl. “It wasn’t long before we had version 2 released with a cool new reservation system built.”

Within two weeks time, HOAM now offered a reservation feature allowing operators to enter venue types, available time blocks and capacity levels. Soon, community residents were able to reserve their desired pool time and number of guests. Reservation receipts are available to both parties for proof of booking and the Highlands at Piney Creek HOA was up and running the day the Governor gave the executive order. 

“HOAM not only allows my team and [me] to better communicate with homeowners in real-time but the pool reservation feature has been key to managing large groups of people during the ever changing public health regulations,” said Kyle Maring business manager for the Westwind Management Group. 

Westwind Management Group manages the Highlands at Piney Creek HOA community as well as 80+ additional community residences. With their adoption of HOAM, Peyerl expects significant growth over the next 6 months.

For more information about HOAM for your community, click HERE. Take advantage of their 60 day Free Trial and get your homeowners informed, engaged and connected today.